ISACA東京支部 月例会について

Monthly meeting changes.

As a general rule every month except June when the general assembly will be held.

Meeting dates and times.
Odd numbered month (1,3,5,7,9,11), Wednesday (as a general rule:last week of the month) 18:30 - 20:10 Even numbered month (2,4,6,8,10,12), Tuesday (as a general rule:last week of the month) 19:00 -20:40 To qualify for 2 CPE credits as a general rule the lectures will be 100 minutes long.

Meeting Venue
As a general rule , meeting will be held at:Japan Education Center 3F Hitotsubashi Hall
(Address: Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Hitotsubashi 2-6-2) Due to the lecture materials to be delivered electronically the venue will be divided in the following 2 sections. Facing the stage, the left section will be for attendees using pc or tablet devices. Facing the stage, the right section will be for attendees requiring print outs or those without lecture materials. The seating will be basically free however some seats might be reserved for staff related to the lecturer's presentation.
There will not be any electric power outlets supplied for electronic equipments.

As a general rule announcements will be made 3 weeks prior to the lecture dates. Announcements to organizations other than ISACA Tokyo Chapter will be made 2 weeks prior. Registrations are only accepted by the ISACA Tokyo Chapter website. Registrations via email or other means will not be accepted. In case of too many registrations, based on the venue's regulations registrations might be closed prior to the announced dates. Based on prior experience of participants and absentees the Educational Board will determine whether or not to close the registration for attendance. Registrants are required to print out the monthly lecture registration ticket provided via the website. Registration tickets will not be reissued. The registrants are responsible for number of print outs of the registration tickets.
An example of multiple registration ticket print outs: -One print out to be presented at lecture date at attendance registration, second print out as a back up for the first print out and or to be evidence for CPE credits.

ISACA Members can attend without any fees. Non-ISACA members but members of other organizations 1000 yen, non-ISACA and not a member of any organization 3000 yen. Payments are due on the lecture date at attendance registration by cash only (receipts will be available dated as the lecture date)

Lecture materials.
The lecturer will provide all or summary of the lecture to all monthly meeting attendees. Materials will be made available one week prior to the lecture date. Materials will be available via the ISACA Monthly Meeting Lecture Announcement page in pdf format. After the monthly meeting the materials will be available starting the following day of the lecture via the ISACA Tokyo Chapter members only section page. Hence only members of the ISACA Tokyo Chapter will be able to view the lecture materials.
(Passwords for the member only page will be announced and available via the "eCC" email newsletter send out to ISACA Tokyo Chapter members)

Attendance Registration
Registrations for attendance will open 30 minutes prior and continue up to 30 minutes after the start of the monthly meeting. After 30 minutes past the meeting starting time registrations will be closed but auditing the lecture is unrestricted. Attendees can enter the venue by bringing the Monthly Meeting Registration Tickets aforementioned in section 4 and registering at the attendance registration desk of the venue on the lecture date. ISACA members can also register by dropping the registration ticket in the attendance box. Non-ISACA members have to register and pay the lecture fees aforementioned in section 5 , at the attendance registration desk.
*The survey will be integrated into the Membership Satisfaction Survey and discontinued.

CPE Credits.
ISACA members can earn CPE credits by registering for attendance during the attendance registration time and having attended the predetermined time of the lecture. Attending the monthly meeting in full will result in 2 CPE credits. Submitting false information can result in ISACA code of ethics violations.Each individual is responsible for providing a copy of the registration ticket in pdf format or other format when ordered to do so by headquarters.
*Due to the operations mentioned above the sign-up sheet will be discontinued.

Other items.
-Please attend the lectures in a professional manner. In case of snoring , sleeping you might be asked to leave the meeting.
-The Education Board is run by volunteers. Inquiries and questions submitted via email might take some time until answered.


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